Spring Cocktail Flavors Unfold: Savor the Season at Excusez Moi

Spring Cocktail Flavors Unfold: Savor the Season at Excusez Moi

Unleash the Essence of Spring with Excusez Moi's Special Seasonal Cocktails

Welcome the rejuvenating spirit of spring at Excusez Moi, where our cocktail menu blossoms with the season's freshest flavors. Experience the art of mixology through our spring-inspired creations, each telling a story of renewal and vibrancy.

Our spring cocktail collection celebrates the essence of the season, featuring ingredients that capture the freshness and excitement of spring's arrival:

  • Purple Drankk: This signature cocktail, a blend of Empress 1908 gin, lemon, butterfly pea syrup, and lavender bitters, mirrors the colors of spring with its vibrant indigo hue. The floral notes of lavender paired with the subtle citrus undertones create a refreshing experience that speaks to the season's awakening.

  • Mai Tai with a Spring Twist: A seasonal take on the classic Mai Tai, combining 1800 Coconut, lime, fresh lychee, and orange, topped with aromatic bitters. This cocktail, with its tropical flavors and fresh fruity notes, invites you to a springtime escape.

  • Prickly Pear: Infused with Empress 1908 gin, rose, lemon, and pear puree, the Prickly Pear cocktail is a nod to the blooming flowers and the sweet, succulent fruits of spring. Its delicate floral and fruity flavors offer a perfect sip for the season of growth.

Excusez Moi is your spring destination for experiencing the harmony of nature and mixology. Our cocktails, inspired by the season's bounty, are crafted to provide a refreshing and memorable experience. Join us this spring to celebrate the season’s renewal with every sip of our handcrafted creations.

Spring is here and it's the perfect opportunity to delve into a melting pot of flavors. Our Spring Cocktail Blog will guide you through the taste allure of the season, served at your favorite spot, Excusez Moi.

Excusez Moi is known for our passion for creating unique concoctions. This season, we are bringing the essence of Spring right to your glass. From the hint of freshness of spring blooms to the distinctive taste of seasonal fruits, our cocktails this spring are tailored to provide a taste thrill like never before.

Follow our Spring Cocktail Blog as we unveil each cocktail one by one. Savor the season and enrich your palate with our meticulously crafted cocktails. Stay tuned for more and embark on this taste adventure with Excusez Moi.

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