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Drip'n by Envi 5000 20mg

Drip'n by Envi 5000 20mg

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Experience the New Age Of Vaping with Drip'n by Envi 5000 20mg

Drip'n by Envi 5000 Disposable Key Features:

Up to 5000 puffs

Adjustable airflow

Flavour consistency from beginning to end

Ergonomic box-shaped design with anti-slip finish

Incredibly comfortable mouthipice

Drip'n by Envi 5000 Disposable Device Specifications:

Battery: Rechargeable 650 mAh

Coil: Mesh coil

Liquid Volume: 10 mL

Drip'n by Envi 5000 20mg is a game-changer in the vaping industry. This disposable vape device stands out due to its smooth operation and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced vapers. Despite its compact, lightweight design, the device packs a punch and delivers a satisfying nicotine hit.

Moreover, Drip'n by Envi 5000 20mg has an extensive battery life, reinforcing its convenience factor. And despite being disposable, this device boasts a high capacity. It comes pre-charged and pre-filled, allowing you to start vaping right out of the box.

Finally, Drip'n by Envi 5000 20mg ensures an enriching vaping experience with its diverse range of flavors. Each puff is authentic and full, giving you the nicotine satisfaction you desire. This product doesn't compromise on anything – offering value, quality, and a great vaping experience. So, make the easy switch today and see the difference for yourself.

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